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First Dog…………..$20

Second Dog……….$15

Our walking service is second to none.  We provide a unique experience with our private dog park that allows dogs to burn off some energy with a ball chase or simply chasing their tails while getting the benefits of socializing with other dogs.  For the older pup, it gives them the time to meander and take in all the smells the park has to offer.



First Dog……………$35

Second Dog……….$25

We make dog daycare an exciting adventure for your dog, we pick them up in the morning and whisk them off to our private dog park and keep your dog on the move with skill building, fetch the ball and socializing in a country like setting in the middle of the city.

Best of all, they get the best of both worlds, they get to spend the day with their friends and us and return home to happy parents, knowing that their dog had a grand adventure.


24 Hours

First Dog…………$55/day

Second Dog……..$35/day

We offer a home away from home boarding style. We do not believe in crates or kennels during their stay, making this less stressful and more a pleasant stay for your dog.

They have full access to my home, sleeping beds, sofas and of course those who are so inclined to crawl into bed with me at bedtime.

During their boarding, they will accompany us to our private dog park for a full day of play and socialization, return home, eat and pass out from exhaustion.

  • Unlike many other companies, we do not have a minimum requirement of walks per week, and we are here to work with your schedule
  • We do, however, require that all new dog walking, daycare, and boarding clients pass a mandatory park and/or home visit to ensure that are comfortable in the van, park and my home and will be performed with a smaller group on the weekend.
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All dogs are safely transported from your home to our private off leash dog park, in temperature controlled vehicles. Rest assured during extreme weather, the dogs will remain safe at all times


Dogs using our service will need to be fully vaccinated for participation in any group activities.

We also recommend that your dog get vaccinated for leptospirosis (bacteria transmitted by rodent’s urine) and kennel cough


We cannot accept any unfixed dogs in our group, but support and encourage the spaying and neutering of all pets.

Puppies that are too young to be fixed are exempt from this rule.


We cannot accept any dog that overtly displays aggressive or uncontrollable behaviour.  We strongly believe that every dog can be trained or rehabilitated, however, it’s best to work with a certified trainer.  An off leash dog park is not a proper enviroment for an unstable dog.

We strive for the safety of our dogs, it’s an imperative.


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Inquire if you are out of our service area, we may be able to accomodate your dog walking needs