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In the LEAD Dog WAlking

You and your pet’s needs are our commitment!  

At In The Lead Dog Walking, we will strive to fulfill and exceed your expectation. 

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 Dog Walking


 Add a second dog $20/day

We take dog walking to a whole new level! We whisk your dog to our PRIVATE four-acre off-leash farm for an all-day adventure. We pick up your dog early morning and take them to the farm. Once there, they are able to have a great run, the chance to socialize and wander around the farm while making new friends. The farm is completely enclosed and features a natural spring-fed pond and a forested area. The dogs love roaming the woods and finding all the new secrets it has to offer.  After a long and exciting day, we drop them back home in the late afternoon exhausted and content! 

All dogs must go through a behavioural evaluation and a temperament test to join In The Lead Dog Walking. If there are signs of aggression or behavioural issues during the evaluation that we are not comfortable with, we have the right to refuse the dog. We will be more than happy to refer you to a suitable trainer or walker who specializes in dogs with these issues.

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in the lead dog walking
in the lead dog walking



                                        Add a dog $35/day

Our in-home crate-free boarding is like your dog never left home! They have a structured routine and get full-day outings at our four acre off-leash farm!

You won’t be the only one on vacation, your dog will also be on vacation too. Think of In The Lead Dog Walking as a doggy resort. During the day, the dogs will be able to wander around the farm, run with friends, socialize, make new friends, go swimming in our natural spring-fed pond, and go for a hike through the woods. 

In the evening  after all the fun and excitement, they sleep where their head lays in a cage-free home. Our in home-style boarding ensures that your dog has a stress free, relaxing stay!

Like the dog walking, all dogs will need to be temperament tested and will have to stay overnight before we can permit the dog to stay in our facility. This gives the dog an opportunity to give us the sniff test and in turn, we get to know your dog.

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Service Contract

Please download and fill out forms prior to meet and greet!

**Prior to the start of any service, we require a mandatory temperament testing of all dogs, to ensure that your dog is comfortable during transport, with the other dogs and the space that we use.  Dogs who do not pass this temperament test, will not be permitted into the group.  Not all dogs are suited for our service and which maintains a stable group of dogs at all times.

**All dogs must be vaccinated for rabies, distemper and should have bordetella (kennel cough) inoculation

**Dogs will need to be spayed or neutered when you find it’s appropriate.  We reserve the right to refuse any intact dog if they begin to show any behavioral issues.

**Dogs in heat will be required to remain out of the park until the heat has passed.