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In the LEAD Dog WAlking

Dedicated to meeting your needs and your pet’s every desire! At In The Lead Dog Walking, we’re devoted to surpassing your expectations. Contact us today to embark on an exceptional experience!

 Dog Walking


 Add a second dog $30/day

Elevating dog walking to unparalleled heights! Join us at In The Lead Dog Walking for an extraordinary escapade on our exclusive four-acre off-leash farm. We’ll collect your furry companion bright and early, transporting them to the farm where they’ll enjoy a thrilling day of running, socializing, and exploring alongside newfound pals. Our enclosed oasis boasts a natural spring-fed pond and a serene forested area, inviting dogs to roam freely and uncover hidden treasures. After an exhilarating adventure, we’ll return them home in the late afternoon, utterly exhausted and content.

To ensure a harmonious experience, all dogs must undergo a thorough behavioral evaluation and temperament test before joining In The Lead Dog Walking. If any signs of aggression or behavioral concerns arise during the evaluation, we reserve the right to decline the dog’s participation. Rest assured, we’re more than happy to provide referrals to specialized trainers or walkers who can cater to their unique needs.

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In The Lead Dog
in the lead dog walking


$70 per day

Add a Second Dog $45 per day

Experience Home-Like Comfort with Our Crate-Free In-Home Boarding! In The Lead Dog Walking provides a meticulously structured routine and exhilarating full-day outings at our sprawling four-acre off-leash farm!

When you go on vacation, your furry friend deserves one too. Think of In The Lead Dog Walking as a lavish doggy resort. Throughout the day, your canine companion will relish the freedom to explore the farm, frolic with buddies, socialize, forge new friendships, take refreshing dips in our natural spring-fed pond, and embark on invigorating woodland hikes.

As evening falls and exhaustion sets in, they’ll slumber in a cage-free environment, resting their head wherever they please. Our in-home-style boarding guarantees a stress-free and serene stay for your beloved dog.

Similar to our dog walking services, all dogs must undergo a temperament test and spend an overnight stay to ensure compatibility before they can luxuriate in our facilities. This allows your dog to give us the “sniff test” while providing us with an opportunity to get acquainted with their unique personality.

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Service Contract

Please download and fill out forms prior to meet and greet!

**For the well-being and harmony of all, we kindly request that all dogs undergo mandatory temperament testing before initiating our services. This ensures their comfort during transport, interaction with other dogs, and familiarity with our premises. Dogs that do not pass the temperament test will not be included in our group. We prioritize maintaining a stable and compatible group of dogs at all times.

**To safeguard the health of all guests, we require dogs to be up to date on their rabies and distemper vaccinations, as well as have the bordetella (kennel cough) inoculation.

**As responsible pet guardians, we encourage owners to spay or neuter their dogs when they deem it appropriate. While intact dogs are welcome, we reserve the right to decline any intact dog if behavioral issues arise.

**During their heat cycle, female dogs will be required to refrain from entering the park until the heat has passed, ensuring a harmonious environment for all.

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