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in the lead dog walking

Experience the unmatched delights of the farm! All dogs attend with confidence, as our rigorous behavioral vetting guarantees an atmosphere of safe interaction and play. Reserve your spot today for a complimentary assessment and trial adventure!  Book now  

in the lead dog walking

About In The Lead Dog Walking

In 2009, I started In The Lead Dog Walking because I couldn’t find a suitable company to care for my own dog, thanks to Tank! As dog owners ourselves, we understand that caring for your dog is our top priority.

For us, dog walking is about more than just picking up and dropping off dogs at different homes. It’s about taking your furry friend on an adventure. At our private ranch, we offer all-day outings that engage your dog’s senses, provide opportunities for play and socialization, and even include a refreshing dip in a spring-fed pond.

in the lead
In the lead

Our Mission

The mission of In The Lead Dog Walking is to deliver exceptional service to its clients.

Our primary objective is to provide an enjoyable experience for your dog at our private four-acre fenced-in off-leash farm.

As a professional and reputable small business, we prioritize consistency in our services by assigning the same walker for every walk. We value the needs of both you and your dog and aim to provide the utmost care for both.

Call now to get your dog out on their own adventure!

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