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There is nothing like the farm!  All attending dogs are vetted for behavioural issues to ensure that we have a stable group of dogs that can interact and play in a safe atmosphere!

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in the lead dog walking

About In The Lead Dog Walking

I started my service in 2009 when I could not find a suitable company to look after my own dog, so thank you Tank!  We at In The Lead Dog Walking are not only walkers but dog owners and understand that caring for your dog is our main concern.

Dog walking is more than collecting your dog, going from home to home, dogs in tow, it’s about getting your dog out on an adventure.  We offer an all-day outing at our private ranch, to engage their senses, play, socialize or even take a dip in a spring-fed pond.

in the lead
In The Lead Dog Walking off leash dog walker

Our Mission

At In The Lead Dog Walking, our mission is to provide you with outstanding service. Our goal is to make sure your dog has the best time in our private four-acre fenced-in off-leash farm!

We are a small and professional company with a stellar reputation. By using the same walker on every walk, we ensure that your dog will have consistent structure. The care of your needs and that of your dog are of most importance!


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