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Providing Toronto with dog walking, dog day care and dog boarding since 2009

In The Lead Dog Walking: Toronto's Friendliest and Finest Dog Walking Service.

We will make your pup our new best friend.

We've been a leader in the dog walking industry since 2009 and many dog owners turn to us for our flexible and personal service. Your dog will look forward to our private dog walkers only park. We treat your dog like they were our own.

  • We are always conscious of the dogs in our care, by introducing new dogs in a timely and safe manner and with them, on a consistent schedule, it ensures group stability.
  • We are a small company, and our focus is to make sure that your dog has a safe and adventurous outing.
  • In The Lead dog Walking makes a point that your dog will always have the same walker.
  • Since we are a small dog walking company, we offer a flexible service and more one-on-one communication.
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  • As a dog owner we understand the importance of being able to contact us in the event of a schedule change; contact us directly.
  • You can adjust your scheduled pick-up at your leisure without any additional charges.  We are here to work with your schedule.
  • We are a trusted dog walking and dog daycare service in Toronto, offering a dependable and personal dog care service.
  • The dogs under our care are family, and they become an integral part of our daily lives, and we look forward to their everyday adventures.
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  • When your dog joins us at our private dog park, shared with two other companies and we know each other’s dogs to ensure that the experiences are playful and safe.
  • All dogs entering our private park are checked for behavioral issues.  We conduct a meet and greet session and learn how your dog acts on and off leash.
  • We never accept any aggressive dogs and will refer you to the appropriate trainers in Toronto.
  • Having our private park gives us an advantage that other companies can only dream of.  Rather than walking them around the block a few times, we give your dog an adventure.
  • We will create a solid routine for your dog through socialization, skill-building sessions, and good behavior reinforcement, in our spacious leash free private dog park.
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