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Our Private Off-Leash Park

This is our private off-leash park, our grand oasis!

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Our Private Off-Leash Park

We at In The Lead Dog Walking have a unique oasis, our private off leash dog park. It’s a country setting  with a beautiful tree lined park, a pond for swimming and a wide open spaces to please the fussiest of pups but we ensure that your dog will come home exhausted and content!

Benefits of our Private Park

This is a private dog park: shared with In The Lead Dog Walking and one other well know canine companion company in Toronto.

Safe and secure: our location is only know to our two companies, this reduces the risk of unwanted and unbalanced dogs in the park.

Tree lined: this gives us the shade in the summer and also protects us from the rain. Another amazing feature is the spring fed pond, a place for the pups to take a swim on those hot summer days!

Carefully maintained: we are continuously refreshing the park with new wood chips to reduce the mud on those rainy days.

Safety is our primary concern: there is a three gated entry to the park, this ensures ingress and egress to the park safely.  We’ve also enclosed our fence line with black burlap as a windbreak, to provide both privacy and protection from the wind in the winter.

Large water station: during those hot summer days, the dogs will always have access to water to cool and hydrated.

We offer a unique dog walking experience with our country setting off leash dog park. The dogs can barely contain their excitement, and know when they are getting close!

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Just Chilling!

In The Lead Dog Walking park has this lovely pond for those hot summer days!
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Happiest Here!

New country estate and dog park, makes me happy!
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They think that we are not watching, turn your back and they are off kanoodling!
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Summer Swim!

When the weather gets hot out, we take a dip to cool off!
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Toss it Already

The dogs are engaged daily with a game of ball chase, some crazier than others for the ball!

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This is Love

Big or Small, we love them all!
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Need to Rest!

This is what we look like after our outing, exhausted and ready for a nap!